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A Complete Guide on Writing a Standout Resume

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A Complete Guide on Writing a Standout Resume.  In a market where employment is very competitive, your resume serves as an introduction to a potential employer, detailing your qualifications and track record of achievement. To succeed or fail entirely in getting a job interview, a well-written CV can be all that is required. As a result, you should work hard to create a compelling CV that highlights your qualifications and shows how well you fit the position.

1. Select the Appropriate Resume Format

Reverse-chronological, functional, and combination resume formats are the three main types.

  • Reverse-chronological resume: The most common and effective type of resume is the functional one, which fits in nicely with the experienced workforce’s well-established career history. It lists all of your previous jobs in descending order, starting with the one you had most recently.

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source: google.com; Reverse-chronological resume

  • Functional resume: Such individuals include career changers and persons that have jobless periods. Rather than focusing on your work experience, it brings attention to your skills that are transferable and demonstrate your adaptability with different environments.

from google.com; Functional resume

  • Combination resume: This is a hybrid style that consists of components of reverse chronology and function resumes. It presents you the pertinent work experience as well as core competencies.

2. Effective Resume Structure

A well-structured resume should include the following sections:

  • Contact Information: Please write down your full name, e-mail address, telephone number, and current address (location). Make sure that your contact details are correct, clear as well as legible.’)
  • Summary or Objective: Summarizing your qualification’s summary, education, and job objective. Specifically customize this section to the job.
  • Work Experience: Arrange list all your work experiences from the recent one, to mention your job position, the employer’s name, employment dates and essential responsibilities and achievements. Provide strong action verbs as well as quantified success wherever feasible.
  • Education: Specify your academic information such as the school’s name, qualification obtained, and admission period. Include all the relevant courses and projects for recent graduates.
  • Skills: Highlight the appropriate skills that you possess, such as technical or soft skills. Alter this section appropriately according to the particulars of the position that you seek.
  • Additional Sections: Indicate optional sections like awards and recognitions, voluntary work, languages spoken, and certificates if related to the position.

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3. Make sure your resume matches the job.

Never submit generic resumes for all job applications. Carefully go through the job advertisement and establish the main competencies and experience that the employer desires to possess in a qualified candidate. Ensure you customize your CV to emphasize on the competency that well suit the post.

4. Use Keywords Strategically

Most companies have embraced applicant tracking system (ATS), which looks out for key terms in a resume. Make sure you include some of the keywords found in the job description and spread out well throughout the entire resume; but be careful not to overdo it into creating a “keyword stuffed” resume.

5. Be Brief and Straightforward.

This means that recruiters normally take a couple of seconds per each resume. Strive for short resumes with only one page maximum. Ensure you use plain and simple words, refrain from using technical terms, make your writing uniform.

6. Proofread Thoroughly

Typos and grammar mistakes could give a bad impression of the work. Take time and revise your resume several times before sending it out.

7. Use a Professional Template

A good template can improve the appearance of your resume. Go for a formal and clear font that goes well with what you are saying.

8. Store your resume in various formats.

It will be advisable that you save your resume in PDF format so that it remains identical on all PCs and devices. You might also wish to convert it in word format that can be easily edited.

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9. Get Feedback from Others

Request a loved one, relative, career consultant to look over your cv and share his/her views. They can assist you to identify points that need your intervention.

10. Keep Your Resume Updated

Keep updating your CV with the most recent job details, skill sets and achievements. By doing so, you will always have presented the most recent qualifications and credentials to prospective employers or customers.


With the help of these in-depth ideas, you can craft a compelling resume that draws in readers, emphasises your achievements, and increases your chances of getting called in for a job interview. Remember that this is your own advertisement, so make sure it showcases your skills and potential to the best of your ability by devoting enough thought and effort to it.
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